Blog#4 I survived the interviews!


Well as having a good bit of years in the industry I have come across some interesting interviews and how I was lucky enough to nail every one of them well I wont get in to the nitty gritty details but what I did everytime I was called for an interview was the following.

– Get a trim yes you need to look sharp and for that make sure you look tidy
– Get to know the dresscode cause first impression is the bloody last impression
– Know where you are going to work you just dont want to shop to an interview without any background knowledge of what your company has achieved.
– Always keep your answer concise remember the kiss rule Keep it short and simple
– Keep your portfolio examples with you or better yet come up with a showreel with a working link as it leaves a good impression on the employer as it just summaries your whole work


Now these are some of the main factors i keep in mind when i go to a job interview but one thing that have always helped me in an interview is to “BE YOURSELF” unless you are obnoxious then be someone else.


Blog#2 CIU 111 Importance of Social Media

Well as the heading suggest I will be discussing the importance of social media. Be it facebook, youtube, tumbler or instagram as a growing artist you need to know the ins and outs of these platform as they have made the life of an artist so much easier.

Imagine yourself two decades back how hard it would be for you to showcase your art would you be outside doing free gigs, distributing your mixtapes or just looking for your big break by getting in to exhibition just to have a chance to show your work. With the modern age and technology you dont have to worry about that all you need to do is upload your content and the world can see it. Weather they like it or not is completely different.


Secondly with the help of social media not only can you promote your content but also earn through ads and also by attracting clients who can seek your help for work. Now its easier said then done. But its still not impossible if I had to give an example would be my own as I used social media to promote my music and my films. How i did that was by firstly asking my friends and family to like my page and share the content I released. Which helped me expand my reach by getting known through mutual.

After that I used viral pages and also facebook ads to further my reach which at that time was an investment that paid off and it helped me get paid gigs and also client work. So personally for me this is the most important factor of social media.

Apart from this once you have got some recognition people who follow you can keep track of your new content and the daily activities or upcoming projects through this platform and stay updated.

FLM 110 Blog#2 Inglorious Basterds Opening Scene subtext

I will be giving a brief analysis on the scene of Inglorious Basterds pipe scene where Col. Hans Landa is trying to intimidate the Dreyfus family. I find this a great example of subtextual content as Tarantino plays beautifully with the expectation of the audience and get them at the edge of their seats.

Now before this scene I would like to add that Tarantino leads up to the suspense-filled scene by using the anticipation and control of Landa’s character over the farmer family which we see as he enters the house with a superficial smile and asking for permission in the dialogues as he asks the farmer to switch from french to english and when Landa mentions that its house now in the literal sense the audience is not sure the true intentions but subtextually we are told that Landa is showing that even though he is asking for permission he is the actual one in control.

There are certain symbols that catch the eye in the opening scenes, As Dreyfus takes out his pipe to smoke Landa seeks permission to take out his pipe although he doesnt need to ask and when its revealed the pipe is a sherlock homes type pipe implying the character of intense interrogation skills but in a subtextual symbolic way it says “my pipe is bigger than yours” the rather playful act by Landa shows of his cunning nature.

The conversation goes forward the thing that has a lot of subtextual meaning is when Landa describes himself and the Nazi’s as the hawk and the Jews as the rat now in the literal sense it implies that they consider themselves a superior more powerful race while Jews as inferiors and have alienated them but more importantly when you go in the depth of this conversation you are revealed of the hiding of the Jews beneath the floor which shows that rats are usually hiding in hard to find places but upon finding them the outcome is always death.

This scene was 17 pages long and had only conversation but what makes this such an interesting scene is the narrative and how the director choose to play with tension and anticipation of the crowd by using metaphorical subtext and symbolism.


FLM 110 #Blog 1 City Of God

In this blog we will analyse the opening sequence of City of God and what sort of film form was used to make a clear and concise analysis I will talk about the three key aspects

– Cinematography
– Editing
– Mis en Scen

Before I start have a look at the trailer


Right of the start the audience is engaged in to extreme close up of the blade and quick cuts between the chicken and the blade and to add on the excitement and discomfort we are hearing the fade of the digetic sound of the blade and the music giving us the vision and feel of the chicken.

Instead of using an establishing shot we are introduced to fast pace cutting and  gory images to set a theme for the movie which is chaotic and dangerous and we to create a setting we are shown the distress chicken to lay the undertone of the whole scene.

As we proceed forward we see an increase in the editing cuts which increase the intensity of the whole scene making it more engaging and creating discomfort till the music stops leading up to the chase sequence and dutch angle shots showing the audience the sense of unpredictability and the battle of life and death. Which is something that the film revolved around.

The hand held shaky POV shot shows the distress of the chicken the only time the edit gets slow is when we are introduced with the establishing shot of the gang the cops and our character this is used mainly to set up a location the era and how our character is in constant battle to make decision for his life which is used by the 360 shot portraying the actions that he needs to take and also to transition in to the past.

CIU111 Blog#1 Get Rich or Die Trying

Well after reading the second-week lecture we are told to write a blog on how do I earn money while polishing and improving my artistic work. For that, I used the following tactics and explored the certain areas in the industry that proved fruitful for me to earning money.

– Employee
– Day Job & Internships
– Freemium
– Freelance
– Owning a studio

Working as an Employee
I started off getting an internship job right after I did my course in Graphic Design at a multinational media agency that dealt with Digital Fashion Magazine. Due to my eagerness to learn and providing quality work the agency hired me and I developed an interest for Video Editing as I worked on a few Cover Videos for them. This helped me earn money which wasn’t much but also helped me but to learn and make connections.

When I was confident enough with my skills and thought I could progress more in the field of post production. I decided to work for Production Houses where although working on a fairly minimum wage as compared to my graphic design job but managed to learn a lot from seniors and make connections that proved helpful when I started doing freelance.

As I worked daytime, on my free time I started working on audio production and from the money I earn in the morning I invested it in a studio and being a musician I set up a facebook page and also a soundcloud. I managed to get a team and started to learn mixing and mastering in Audio and also making music videos that helped me grow my portfolio and experiment in post production.
At start it did not helped me earn money as I published my music for free in the hopes to get client work or paid gigs which happened eventually as our fanbase grew. This helped us getting clients who heard our tracks and wanted us to record their song in our studio or to make music video which helped me get money to invest more in to my studio.
Also because of gaining popularity we got paid concerts and gigs which helped as an extra income.

Once I had gain enough knowledge and wanted to earn more money and had enough connections I set up an account on upwork and freelancer. Also had some clients who needed consultancy and started getting me work.
Because I knew about the market I decided to charge the clients lesser then what was expected to build trust and a potential lead. As a freelancer what really helped me was the past experience in the industry so when I was bought with work like 3d animation or logo design fields I had lesser experience with I still cashed in on the opportunity and because of my connections I asked my previous colleagues to work on those projects on their freetime and each project I got them I had a 25% commission. During this time I developed a trusted team to work with.

Owning a Studio
With all my previous experience and connection now I have decided to make my own production house with trusted clients and also a team which will help me achieve my dream and also help me earn a lot of cash. 🙂

Work outside university in Studio 1

Well, this trimester was full on for me with assignments short film and sound project but I did manage to do some work outside of the university. Last tri I had a lot of freelance projects and videos and graphic design work that I did which affected my studies and I could not afford that for which reason this tri I just worked on two things outside University. One is the a logo designed for an App and currently working on their logo video and also there promotional video.

Due to copy right issues I can post the logo here but will be sending it through to our lecturer via personal email as proof of evidence. With a letter made by the office that I am working on this project.

P.s as I am a musician I was not doing music for almost a year but with all these new things that I learnt this tri and the motivation I got from my lecturer I have decided to get back in music for which I have decided to release my new track on the 6th of may the teaser is already released and got an overwhelming response of over 4000 plays in one week I also did an interview about it with Muznet a famous blogger for underground music in India and Pakistan which includes the teaser. Link is below

Interview with Muznet

Also the full video will be uploaded tomorrow but will upload another version of youtube privately as the work submission is on sunday which will be sent to the lecturer via email



Blog#13 How Studio 1 made me love Blogs

Well here we are on to the last week of our Studio 1, As you must be aware that on the start of this venture I mentioned how I hate to write blog reason being that I am the type of person who can express my ideas through pictures rather than words.

But this trimester have been an eye opener for me in various aspects of the industry it changed how I look at production, D.o.P, Direction and overall making me a better filmmaker but the biggest change I found in myself was that I dont hate writing blogs anymore. Yes it came as a shock to me as well when I started to look forward to write blogs.

Reason, why it happened, is simple when I saw very established filmmakers and VFX artist reflecting on their work and helping other by their experience and promoting there work through the medium of blogs helped me realize it’s not just about the practical work sometimes you need to keep a journal in the form of blogs which help your followers learn and to help them see the backstory behind your product.

Another thing I really liked about this assignment was the encouragement our teacher gave us as I could not understand the assignment at first and started writing film reviews which I loved personally to write and I might start regular blogging on film reviews as I got a very good feedback from people about my critical analysis but when I found out that I was doing the assignment wrong I got really upset thinking that all that work would count to nothing because I could not understand the assignment but Heidi supported my work and told us its all about the effort and making the students to come and express more through blogging this motivation and encouragement really helped me and made me want to do more which I tried to do through my recent blogs.


At the end I would just like to say that I would keep on continuing to write the blogs and better my skills at writing and come up with regular reviews and posts about the new things I learnt.