Blog#4 I survived the interviews!


Well as having a good bit of years in the industry I have come across some interesting interviews and how I was lucky enough to nail every one of them well I wont get in to the nitty gritty details but what I did everytime I was called for an interview was the following.

– Get a trim yes you need to look sharp and for that make sure you look tidy
– Get to know the dresscode cause first impression is the bloody last impression
– Know where you are going to work you just dont want to shop to an interview without any background knowledge of what your company has achieved.
– Always keep your answer concise remember the kiss rule Keep it short and simple
– Keep your portfolio examples with you or better yet come up with a showreel with a working link as it leaves a good impression on the employer as it just summaries your whole work


Now these are some of the main factors i keep in mind when i go to a job interview but one thing that have always helped me in an interview is to “BE YOURSELF” unless you are obnoxious then be someone else.


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