Blog#2 CIU 111 Importance of Social Media

Well as the heading suggest I will be discussing the importance of social media. Be it facebook, youtube, tumbler or instagram as a growing artist you need to know the ins and outs of these platform as they have made the life of an artist so much easier.

Imagine yourself two decades back how hard it would be for you to showcase your art would you be outside doing free gigs, distributing your mixtapes or just looking for your big break by getting in to exhibition just to have a chance to show your work. With the modern age and technology you dont have to worry about that all you need to do is upload your content and the world can see it. Weather they like it or not is completely different.


Secondly with the help of social media not only can you promote your content but also earn through ads and also by attracting clients who can seek your help for work. Now its easier said then done. But its still not impossible if I had to give an example would be my own as I used social media to promote my music and my films. How i did that was by firstly asking my friends and family to like my page and share the content I released. Which helped me expand my reach by getting known through mutual.

After that I used viral pages and also facebook ads to further my reach which at that time was an investment that paid off and it helped me get paid gigs and also client work. So personally for me this is the most important factor of social media.

Apart from this once you have got some recognition people who follow you can keep track of your new content and the daily activities or upcoming projects through this platform and stay updated.


One thought on “Blog#2 CIU 111 Importance of Social Media

  1. I have no argument of the things that you have point out in the blog they are valid and absolutely true but I do have a different opinion on this one it’s true it’s a wonderful platform to get your creativity a recognition in the real world and your few clicks away. My question would be since there is a great competition going around do you think that the quality of products (video/audio) have been gone down because of there isn’t anyone to maintain a certain quality level before broadcasting on social media?


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