FLM 110 #Blog 1 City Of God

In this blog we will analyse the opening sequence of City of God and what sort of film form was used to make a clear and concise analysis I will talk about the three key aspects

– Cinematography
– Editing
– Mis en Scen

Before I start have a look at the trailer


Right of the start the audience is engaged in to extreme close up of the blade and quick cuts between the chicken and the blade and to add on the excitement and discomfort we are hearing the fade of the digetic sound of the blade and the music giving us the vision and feel of the chicken.

Instead of using an establishing shot we are introduced to fast pace cutting and  gory images to set a theme for the movie which is chaotic and dangerous and we to create a setting we are shown the distress chicken to lay the undertone of the whole scene.

As we proceed forward we see an increase in the editing cuts which increase the intensity of the whole scene making it more engaging and creating discomfort till the music stops leading up to the chase sequence and dutch angle shots showing the audience the sense of unpredictability and the battle of life and death. Which is something that the film revolved around.

The hand held shaky POV shot shows the distress of the chicken the only time the edit gets slow is when we are introduced with the establishing shot of the gang the cops and our character this is used mainly to set up a location the era and how our character is in constant battle to make decision for his life which is used by the 360 shot portraying the actions that he needs to take and also to transition in to the past.


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