CIU111 Blog#1 Get Rich or Die Trying

Well after reading the second-week lecture we are told to write a blog on how do I earn money while polishing and improving my artistic work. For that, I used the following tactics and explored the certain areas in the industry that proved fruitful for me to earning money.

– Employee
– Day Job & Internships
– Freemium
– Freelance
– Owning a studio

Working as an Employee
I started off getting an internship job right after I did my course in Graphic Design at a multinational media agency that dealt with Digital Fashion Magazine. Due to my eagerness to learn and providing quality work the agency hired me and I developed an interest for Video Editing as I worked on a few Cover Videos for them. This helped me earn money which wasn’t much but also helped me but to learn and make connections.

When I was confident enough with my skills and thought I could progress more in the field of post production. I decided to work for Production Houses where although working on a fairly minimum wage as compared to my graphic design job but managed to learn a lot from seniors and make connections that proved helpful when I started doing freelance.

As I worked daytime, on my free time I started working on audio production and from the money I earn in the morning I invested it in a studio and being a musician I set up a facebook page and also a soundcloud. I managed to get a team and started to learn mixing and mastering in Audio and also making music videos that helped me grow my portfolio and experiment in post production.
At start it did not helped me earn money as I published my music for free in the hopes to get client work or paid gigs which happened eventually as our fanbase grew. This helped us getting clients who heard our tracks and wanted us to record their song in our studio or to make music video which helped me get money to invest more in to my studio.
Also because of gaining popularity we got paid concerts and gigs which helped as an extra income.

Once I had gain enough knowledge and wanted to earn more money and had enough connections I set up an account on upwork and freelancer. Also had some clients who needed consultancy and started getting me work.
Because I knew about the market I decided to charge the clients lesser then what was expected to build trust and a potential lead. As a freelancer what really helped me was the past experience in the industry so when I was bought with work like 3d animation or logo design fields I had lesser experience with I still cashed in on the opportunity and because of my connections I asked my previous colleagues to work on those projects on their freetime and each project I got them I had a 25% commission. During this time I developed a trusted team to work with.

Owning a Studio
With all my previous experience and connection now I have decided to make my own production house with trusted clients and also a team which will help me achieve my dream and also help me earn a lot of cash. 🙂


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