Work outside university in Studio 1

Well, this trimester was full on for me with assignments short film and sound project but I did manage to do some work outside of the university. Last tri I had a lot of freelance projects and videos and graphic design work that I did which affected my studies and I could not afford that for which reason this tri I just worked on two things outside University. One is the a logo designed for an App and currently working on their logo video and also there promotional video.

Due to copy right issues I can post the logo here but will be sending it through to our lecturer via personal email as proof of evidence. With a letter made by the office that I am working on this project.

P.s as I am a musician I was not doing music for almost a year but with all these new things that I learnt this tri and the motivation I got from my lecturer I have decided to get back in music for which I have decided to release my new track on the 6th of may the teaser is already released and got an overwhelming response of over 4000 plays in one week I also did an interview about it with Muznet a famous blogger for underground music in India and Pakistan which includes the teaser. Link is below

Interview with Muznet

Also the full video will be uploaded tomorrow but will upload another version of youtube privately as the work submission is on sunday which will be sent to the lecturer via email




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