Blog#13 How Studio 1 made me love Blogs

Well here we are on to the last week of our Studio 1, As you must be aware that on the start of this venture I mentioned how I hate to write blog reason being that I am the type of person who can express my ideas through pictures rather than words.

But this trimester have been an eye opener for me in various aspects of the industry it changed how I look at production, D.o.P, Direction and overall making me a better filmmaker but the biggest change I found in myself was that I dont hate writing blogs anymore. Yes it came as a shock to me as well when I started to look forward to write blogs.

Reason, why it happened, is simple when I saw very established filmmakers and VFX artist reflecting on their work and helping other by their experience and promoting there work through the medium of blogs helped me realize it’s not just about the practical work sometimes you need to keep a journal in the form of blogs which help your followers learn and to help them see the backstory behind your product.

Another thing I really liked about this assignment was the encouragement our teacher gave us as I could not understand the assignment at first and started writing film reviews which I loved personally to write and I might start regular blogging on film reviews as I got a very good feedback from people about my critical analysis but when I found out that I was doing the assignment wrong I got really upset thinking that all that work would count to nothing because I could not understand the assignment but Heidi supported my work and told us its all about the effort and making the students to come and express more through blogging this motivation and encouragement really helped me and made me want to do more which I tried to do through my recent blogs.


At the end I would just like to say that I would keep on continuing to write the blogs and better my skills at writing and come up with regular reviews and posts about the new things I learnt.


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