Blog# 12 Practical VFX in Christopher Nolan’s films

Today I will reflect the blog written about VFX in Nolan’s films by   in this article they had VFX Artist Mark Weingartner who have worked on films like The Dark Knight and Dunkirk for Christopher Nolan.


He explain how VFX is not only about flares and explosions and unreal effects but the true beauty of VFX can be shown through subtle and hard to identify effects.

“There’s an interesting issue of philosophy in VFX, which is constantly evolving. In the case of the pictures Mr. Nolan is making, he really doesn’t want flash visual effects, the VFX aren’t supposed to draw your attention to how cool they are. It’s all in service of the story and wherever we can do something practically we will.”  Mark Weingartner

Since working as an experienced VFX artist in one of the most sophisticated Post films like inception, Matrix, Batman The Dark Knight Mark has clearly got the right way of dealing with the VFX as the new age VFX artist try to make there work look prominent and visible for the viewers, Mark believes that if you do your work correctly it would be very hard to tell which shots are treated with VFX and which are not its like you cant tell if they were there.



As you can see in this film of Jackie Chan the whole shot is treated so well in Post its almost impossible to tell that the background is infact greenscreen,  The integration of images should be subtle that you cant tell if there was an effect involved this is possible when Post artist work along side the production department and merge the Practical VFX with CGI for this he tells us how its good to be on the set and gather up images and get as much resources and assets you can gather on the day of the shoot to make your VFX as subtle and smooth as possible.

“In the case of pictures Mr.Nolan’s making, He  really doesn’t want flash  visual effects, the visual effects aren’t supposed to draw your attention how cool  they are its all in the service of the story.” Mark Weingartner

So Mark Weingartner in his interview tell and infact teaches the new age of VFX artist how its not important to show off your skills as a VFX if the story is not being driven but infact using the least amount of VFX that you can to achieve your result and making it feel original and believable.

Below is the full interview.



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