Blog #11 Using Audio Swells for transitions

Hello there almost near the end of the trimester but that doesnt mean the blogging will stop today I am going to reflect a very interesting blog I cam across with on RocketStock its about Audio Swell, now you must be thinking what is Audio Swell may be you already know about it or may be you dont. Either way this blog will help you know more about it and how effectively you can use it as a transition from one scene to another.

For us to understand how to use Audio swells we need to know what they are, The audio swells are basically an sfx that gradually amp up to cut to a scene most commonly we can use swell through music, foley or sound effects.

We have seen transitions used on audio which are basically dip to black, cross dissolves etc similar to that we got audio transition now in this blog they talked about how with simple techniques we can make a transition be much more dramatic and seamless.
First step to have any sfx is to have the right sound now if you  are not sure which sound to get or you dont have a great foley to work with the best way is to get it online and there are plenty of sites for it but I usually go for Premiumbeat as they are cheap and have a clean crips sound



Now once you have your sound selected kindly look in to the tutorial by Zach Ramelan on how to use the swell and swoosh sound. Link below


Now that you are aware of what swell sounds are and how to effectively use them in your edits let me give you a brief detail about why it is important to use them.

Firstly it engages the audience to anticipate subconscious of  a change in scene, secondly we can use it as a way to remove any pop sounds or any abrupt dialogues or change in environmental sound as it acts as a bridge. Most importantly it sets up a mood for the viewer and if done correctly can make your scene transitions more appealing.

One thing you learn in editing is rather than using dissolves and dip to blacks you are suppose to use the techniques like shot cuts, and audio transitions because that can make your film have a more diegetic  effect.

Hope this blog helps in regards to the audio transitions the original link to the blog is mentioned below.


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