Blog#09 News about Editing that you might have missed Part 2



Alright so the wait is over, I had to do some research and go in depth with the 5th feature in the editing world that is becoming more and more dominant in the film industry. From “fixing it in the post” to actually “making it in the post” compositing has played a vital role.

But it has its downside too the more we are getting involved with CGI and VFX the old school filmmakers and lovers have some what mixed filling about the new era of post work films. The reason for this is that not all but many of the vfx is just to obvious which makes it a bad experience for the viewer. So today I will be reflecting on my bloggers post in depth regarding the art of invisible composoting for that I would like you to watch this video first and see  how many of composited shot can be identified.



Well if you are a lover of post work you would have loved how Roy Peker and other beautifully used the skills of composoting rotoscoping matting to bring you something so subtle. Well the reason why we get so much negative feed back about VFX is because it is so manifested. As Freddie Wong said “The reason why we think CGI is bad is because we only see bad CGI.” by that he meant that we have been using CGI for decades now and with time we are getting better but excessive use of anything can be bad as the use of vfx become too obvious can cause disbelief which can cause the viewer to be distracted from the story.



Most often a bad cgi experience can ruin the whole story and effort because as a viewer you are bound to expect good things from a big budget production and if you slack off you might risk all the previous good work go to shit creek as people remember more about the bad work then the good work. Like you might and might not remember the countless time the walking dead show use great work of compositing and cgi but one thing you will never forget is the badly made cgi deer or the extremely basic cardboard cut out back drop in the junkyard scene behind Rick or the time when Marvel used  the awful looking claws on wolverine origin. Yes we noticed that and we wont forget it.

Well with that being said as a Post student I ask this to a lot of people myeslf that does vfx really ruins the movies well I get a mixed response but then I got examples of films like Avatar, Matrix, Lord of the rings the great gatsby and many more where most of the people are left awestruck and even ask me where do you thing they would’ve filmed this and when I say its CGI they find it hard to believe until I show them the breakdown of the films.

One great example of good CGI that I came across was the one used in the video essay made by  RocketJump Film School. Where they used the example of films like Mad Max Fury Road to strengthen their argument about good CGI but as many must have said that the Director made use of practical props they seem to ignore the fact that a lot of work still happened in CGI which made it such a great film as they merged both post work and production design and practical shooting elements to give us such a great  visual experience. So although its said to be a film based on practical shooting rather then CGI but if you look at the breakdowns behind the scenes and the interviews you will see alot of work and time was put in making these shots in post and making it look believable with that being said please have a look at the video essay which will be a feast for the eye and an eye opener if you are skeptical towards CGI.


Research and Reference


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