Blog#08 News about Editing that you might have missed Part 1

Today I am reflecting my blog that I read about on RocketStock Blog section written by one of the bloggers Jordand Aldredge.  As film students we must be aware by now that in our field nothing stays forever when it comes to technology, techniques, software updates and as the time proceed we come up with easier, faster and better ways to get your work done in the post department. In this blog they discussed about 5 new features for the editors and post students alike.

I will be discussing 4 of the features in this blog hence part 1 and another blog I will write specifically for Digital Compositing which is the 5th feature as I really want to get in to depth of it and want the viewer to really be deeply engaged.

1. Apple drops software prices for students.

Yes this is a great step by Apple as a windows user I always felt that Apple is a bit to expensive for me and even if I get the system for myself I would still not be spending thousands of dollar on the software.

Well it looks like its about to change as in U.S apple has decided to give a huge discount by providing student with softwares as Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3 for $199 which originally cost about $630 all you need to do is provide proof of being a U.S student now this is definitely a good move from Apple.

2. Start using Metadata in Premiere. 
If you are an editor one thing that is most essential for a good edit is to have a good workflow and that can not be achieved if the rushes are not easy to work with. With confusing labels and unclear naming conventions.

For this reason we have MetaData if you dont know what that is let me briefly explain you what it is and how it helps us in editing. Metadata is a data on its own that gives information of other data. As an editor if you are working on with a lot of footage or with other editors its very important to have filters and quick searches.

In Premiere we have a whole panel for metadata all you need to do is open it and start labeling your data according to you liking so in a later date if you need to quickly find a footage its only a click away. This not only is compatible with Premiere but it allows you to export your information in XMP format which further allows you to check the metadata in other softwares.

It also helps you tell which footages were recoreded by which cameraman which lenses were use the shot composition all of it can be labelled while going through your rushes for further understanding how this work I am linking the tutorial link below.

3.  An editor in your pocket  “Collect” it right now.

About a few years back we could’ve never thought about making good quality videos on our phone but with the smartphones it has changed each day with new and better camera features make the video so good that it is hard to tell if its taken from your phone or a professional camera.

Up till now we were having the basic editing gadgets in our phone which are good but some what limited but this new app which I downloaded after reading this blog have got me baffled with its amazing features that makes it a great on the go editing app at the reach of your hand.

This app not only allows you to Trim your videos, Time remapping adding color grade to your footage but also it can work on 4k resolution depending on your camera quality more importantly it also allows you a very cool feature of 360 videos on the go and working with multiple clip and adding sounds to it.

Up till now the beta version have got a good response and the developers are planning to launch it on iOS soon here is there promo video.

4. Compose music inside of Premiere

Well this feature introduced by FilmStro that allows user to add an extra panel in premiere that allows the user to edit and compose music score in your edit. all you need to do is download the panel free from their website at Fimstro once you do that it adds on the extensions in your premiere.

They allow the users to play around with some free themes in their library it also includes different mood pallets vocals and music on to your edit well you must be thinking we already have so many websites that have music resources what makes this so good is the preview option and adding keyframes as you scroll through your edit to increase or decrease the gain and selective instrumentals that can be added on or take  out.

Before this if you had to add a music score you had to first buy and download the tune add it on to your project and put it in the audio layer than change the audio levels according to your liking but it was time consuming and you couldnt have changed individual instruments on your music score for that you had to go back to the audio software to compose it but with Filmstro audio panel you can easily change and compose your music score preview the track as you edit on the go.

For a better understanding how this plug in work the guys at FilmRiot came up with a brief and easy tutorial added below


Well these were the new and trendy news on the editing world I have yet to mention one more feature that will be discussed in the part 2 of the blog regarding the world of Compositing and CGI as it wouldnt be fair if I dont reflect my intake on that feature in an elaborate manner.


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