A new day A new Blogger

Well midway through the trimester and I got into a bit of a pickle, I was doing my blog assignment incorrect and deviated from the path. Yes i know its excruciating, Well not quite! Turns out there were far more opportunities and doorways that came up infact I am positively sure that this will be more beneficial to me. As my captain i.e Heidi firstly made me love writing blogs yes at the start of this trimester I was skeptical about blogs but it came of as a surprise to me that how much fun this can be! Secondly and more importantly because I couldnt really get the briefing at the first time now I am more clear on how to reflect on my blogger’s blog.

I had to decide that should I continue with flickering myth or challenge myself with something a bit tough and so I did, I decided to choose a new blogger as I will be moving in to post production in this Trimester I have decided to write my blog reflection on TheRocketStock

I am following this website for a while now mainly for AE Templates and Tutorials that they post but for this assignment I find this website very useful as they have a section called The Blast Blog which is runned by highly skilled post production specialist who update the blogs throughout the week, Mostly talking about Post Production Techniques, Future of post Production and showreels of the up and coming films and the assets that were used in them. This week they discussed about Music Resources for Video Editor and how important it is for them to legally use the scores that they use in their edit. Which I will discuss in my next blog for today I will talk about their website their layout and most importantly their blogs.



Their Layout is fairly simple as “RocketStock is a unique provider of exclusive After Effects templates and assets to motion designers, filmmakers, video editors and cinematographers.” – RocketStock as mentioned on their website their main focus is on the AE Templates as thats where most of the revenue is generated for them.
Then comes the Video Pack that includes the scripts and lense flares and different plugins made for motion designers and VFX specialist and hey the best is yet to come they  have a section just for me and students like me who would grab anything if its for free. All you need to do is subscribe and you will be getting free awesome templates, Luts and plugins



And last but not the least is the blog section which is sub-sectioned into blogs about After Effects, news on the Industry, Inspirations   that consists of the future of the upcoming technology and how CGI Artists and developers are working together to make the world of post a better place and also a section for Motion Design, VFX and Video Editing and techniques that can make your work even better.

Well this is a brief introduction about my reflection on the blogger I have chose to talk about and for my next blog I would be reflecting on their article about Music Resources for Video Editors.


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