The Walking Dead falling off or is it just the bad CGI?

As a regular viewer of the AMC show the walking dead, you must have come across a lot of posts and articles about how season 07 of walking dead hasn’t been all great in fact some of the episodes had one of the lowest ratings the TV series have ever faced. People might argue that it might be the reason that the directors usually go for a few individual characters and make a whole episode on them, or maybe too much drama not enough action or perhaps just too many subplots for me on a personal level think that this season had one of the best storytelling plots getting in depth with the character development and setting up the mood for the final battle with Negan.


With that being said there are certain elements that are missing out in this series and for today’s blog, i will get in depth with the VFX and CGI. As we all know that Season 07 due to its lack of action hasn’t really got the chance to show off its CGI to the extent like they used in the previous season but where ever they did got the chance to do it they failed at it miserably which for a viewer is just unpleasant especially if they are into post production like myself the only time you see good CGI is when Shiva the tiger one must thing that is all the budget being taken up by just one character or are the directors and the post team just slacking and giving the green light to anything that comes their way whatever the reason is I find it absolutely unacceptable to have a world famous show to just let these little things pass by.


I am sure if you are a regular viewer of Walking Dead you would know where this article is leading to, YES YOU GUESSED IT! THE DEER! If you watched the last episode that started off with Rick and Michonne one of the main actors I was hyped about it as I felt like this episode would be great but honestly speaking I was a bit disappointed with cheesy montage sequences taking most of the episode and one time where I thought that shits about to go down I was utterly frustrated when I saw the deer that rick tries to kill when he climbs up the Ferris wheel that deer was just bad on so many levels and for a show as big as Walking Dead there shouldn’t be any excuse for such poor choice of post production. I was just trying so hard to forget the bad backdrop of the pile of garbage that they put in the garbage pail kids episode and then came the deer and people remember this especially if the show is on such a large scale and can definitely effect on the show’s popularity.


The reason I am so upset about this is the fact that its not like Walking Dead post team is not capable to come up with great CGI as they have done it in the past with great VFX that left the viewer awestruck to name a few the well scene where the zombie is dragged off from in season 02 or the point where rick enters the city on a horse the landscape the whole world was created in CGI and was just amazing and I hope the post team and the directors start to put up their A game when it comes to the VFX and CGI as in the modern day film making such things are remembered either if they good or bad people are going to talk about it and I would hate to see one of my favorite show declines just because they can’t budget to model and create a deer.

I am also attaching a video link to some of the previous work done by Walking Dead which shows the breakdown of VFX and CGI and how wonderfully it was done




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