I am not a serial killer


Well, I came across this unique title. When I was preparing for my second blog at flickering myth and instantly I got intrigued by the name and since I am a fan of thriller, slasher films so I expected a somewhat cliche film about a troubled teenager who might end up killing people. But I was wrong I was very wrong based on the adaption of the book of the same title directed by Billy O’Brien.

The film starts off with a troubled teenager obsessed with serial killers and showing a tendency of becoming one himself surrounding himself with codes and ethics that keeps him on track but all these changes when he finds out that a serial killer is on the loose in the small isolated town of Clayton As John, the protagonist of the film is so much involved with the obsession of serial killers he seem to connect with the case of the mysterious killers and is able to get to the killer . But what makes this movie great personally for me is the twist that I did not expect which seemed like your regular film with a troubled teenager trying to fight his inner demons and snooping around like all teenagers do the film take a massive turn when it switches from the thriller genre to some what horror. When we as an audience go through a WTF moment as the serial killer is not a human but something entirely different.


The film itself have a darkly comical look which is beautifully displayed considering that the film was a low budget. The look given is grungy with the misensene of the 80’s look and the satire sociopathic behavior of troubled teenagers. It also gave me the vibes of Stranger Things and Donnie Darko which made me involved.

I read mixed reviews about the film but for me, as a filmmaker, I believe the horror genre has become somewhat too predictable and relying a lot on VFX rather than the plot itself for me I am not a serial killer was a breath of fresh air as it deviates from the regular thriller and horror. With an essence of film noir in it.

I would personally recommend it for any view who is into dark dramas and fancy a twist to the plot.


Pictures are taken from
– http://www.indiewire.com/2016/03/sxsw-exclusive-clip-from-the-thriller-i-am-not-a-serial-killer-starring-max-records-from-where-the-wild-things-are-261750/

– http://static.rogerebert.com/uploads/review/primary_image/reviews/i-am-not-a-serial-killer-2016/hero_I-am-not-a-serial-killer-2016-2.jpg



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