Blogs and Studio 1

As the new trimester start I find myself getting more in depth with the production and post production side of film making which for me is exciting but what really appeals me is the fact that I will be putting myself to challenge again by writing blogs which for me has been always the hardest thing to do. Reason for that is simple I might come up with great ideas and also implement them in the post work but when it comes to putting them in words its just to complex.


But this changed in the second class of our trimester when Heidi (Our Awesome Lecturer) told us about creativity. What really caught my attention was the fact that most of the successful ideas and creation comes in to reality when you challenge yourself and face the fear and rejection cause that makes you explore new areas out of the comfort zone. For me it will be creative writing.

We are asked to choose a person for our blogs. I have decided that instead of just one person I would use the blog website that I have been following for a while now called the Flickering Myth. They have exceptional writers giving reviews about the new and old films along with critical analysis. Not only this but Flickering Myth covers all aspects of the movie, TV, comic book and video game industries with news, reviews, trailers, interviews, articles, opinions and more.


Not only this every week I will be reading one of there article and will give my intake on it. I hope that by the end of this trimester I either start loving blogs or can prove to Heidi why I hate blogs.


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