Media of Independence



Well for me, I picked up TeamBackPack Cypher as the media coverage as we have seen over the years Cypher music and Freestyles have gained imense popularity and when, Cypher  comes to mind the one that cant be ignored is TPB, an american platform that was started for artists in America to show there skills on the mic with RAW vocals with no effects or mixing mastering.

What i love about this type of media is that it gives freedom to the artist and opportunity to be in the limelight, It was started by Dev Tajwani and now it has 5 years ago with just a couple of different angled cameras a beat a mic and kick arse artists.

As you can see by the quality of this video it shows that it is just a couple of guys rapping and enjoying themselves and when this was produced they never thought it will become one of the biggest free verse platforms. What makes it so successful is the catchy beats and pure lyricsm with more than 300+ Artists being introduced with different styles flow makes it so unique.

With the TBP originals in this video now have got a huge fan following and also been signed with labels after starting off there careers at TBP.

This is the first video released by TBP and in few years have become global with TBP PAKISTAN and Indian artist performing in the past as well, with artists from Strange Music, Visonary Music and even YMCM performing on it.

With over 1 million facebook fans and 181,927 subscribers 32,477,950 views on youtube.

How will this help me in my dreams and ambition well simple it started with an idea and with the help of my education here at SAE I will have a good idea of music video production that will help me.

In future I would like to do something like this for myself as well to introduce new talent who cant afford better equipment of coverage to give them a platform to perform in my local cities in Pakistan and I am proud to say I have been lucky enough to been featured on TBP as the first Pakistani group link mentioned below

What I love about this form of media is the fact that its RAW and it helps artists showcase there true talent apart from that it is also a good mean to promote your message and can help in progressing with Video and Audio production and also promotion of emerging artists.

Since usually these are performed in open platforms it can also be used as gigs to earn some cash as well which can always help in further investment and in Countries like Pakistan and India where hip hop has just only started to emerge and is in its initial phase such platforms can also help sending a bigger picture of the culture and help promoting “DESI HIP HOP” as it is called an alternate genre for hiphop lovers.


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