Curation Activity

Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Though it is still considered a “buzz word” by many in the content world, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.

It is no secret that there is a lot of information on the internet. Therefore, to be successful with content curation in a business setting, it is important to display only the best, most relevant content possible. The process of content curation is similar to making a mixed tape for your highschool sweetheart, where you want to choose only the best songs to share. Not all content is created equal. Most readers are turning to content curation to help them sift through the information overload, and are only looking for the top pieces of content surrounding a particular subject, and will side step additional, erroneous information if it doesn’t stack up.


With the mentioned definition I would like to add on that Curation Content that I have been reposting which helps me getting good ideas for creating content like when I hear a song of my favorite artist. I find the rhyming scheme the beats pattern the videos and than come up with my own content how I can use the artist innovation and mine and blend in the both to come up with something that’s Unique

For example my playlists are usually consisting on freeverses and Freestyles which helps me see the raw form of rap music and for that there are plat forms like “FIRE IN THE BOOTH” ” Warm up Sessions” “Link up TV” and SBTV which helps new artist show there skills

One of the content that is in my playlist is mentioned below

I use such content to come up with my own music with a bit off essence and ideology which helps me to keep in trend and keep the buzz on with that I will end this blog post with one of my own content created with the help of content curation.


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