Media and How I use it?

I as a musician and an Video Editor blended platforms and used it for my own progression.

As these days the studio time and getting a video made is extremely expensive and most of the time you are left disappointed and unsatisfied. So I find the remedy by establishing my own studio but it doesn’t stop just by buying equipment like a mic, monitors and a dslr start mixing your tracks making video and you are a musician!

Well not quite.

For a successful musician it is absolutely essential that how you use your media.

“if you are imitating, after a while your shit would sound irritating” Lowkey UK RAPPER.

So whats your identity, What makes your music unique. In the era that we are now mostly everything has been done by someone so its extremely tough. So its not possible to bring out your content without any inspiration or certain procedures and use of technology to produce your content with the hint of your essence added to make that content stand out.

For example, I myself am inspired by conscious rappers, current affairs and underground music and since I am highly influenced by Grime Music. I use all of this and mix it with my local language and culture to bring out something obscure and unique.

If i had to name artists that I am influenced by my list would probably never end so i would just link one of my favorite tracks to give a better understanding of my liking.

Its called “Dance with the Devil- Immortal Technique”


As you can see the track includes, Story telling, Life problems and its all blended with the artists narration and ideology.

Like wise the other track that I am adding in is called “Something Wonderful- Lowkey” where he emphasize about respecting women. Now what makes this music different from the one that I see on the radio is that it carries a message that makes you think.

So with that being said, I use certain form of narration and ideology and make tracks similar but with your own cultural discourse.

I will end this blog by posting one of my track, That uses storytelling and conscious rap that I made. Click on the link  below to listen.

Love Or Lust – Rebellious Antagonists


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