Keystone State Of Mind


Whenever you come across someone successful or someone that appeals you, when it comes to their work, sooner or later this thought come to your mind that what might be their inspiration to drive them to achieve what they have or get to this point where they are right now.

Well for me I have been inspired by a lot of people and factors that lead me here in Brisbane. This has been a long jump for me and its sort of dicey or risky. When I almost had everything. A good job that paid me well, a whole team that was working for me and paid gigs anything a guy in his mid 20’s could ask for.

One must wonder what made me took such a huge step some might think I am naive or just plain stupid that I came half way across the world to be here where I am a complete stranger, struggling to settle in and worst of all doing odd jobs that I have no experience in. Well in simple words its “Progression and Growth”. I stopped thriving and developing when it comes to my music and videos. I just couldn’t write anymore or make music and for me like for many, music is soul for the food and my pantry was drying out.

I am the type of person who can develop more when I am outside of his comfort zone. So when it comes to my real inspiration then it’s the circumstances around me. People who I am surrounded with and my dreams that I want to lay in existence.

When it comes to my ambition, I want to be a successful entrepreneur and for that I want to make my own Music Label. For this I am pursuing on the path to study in film productions that will help me in making mainstream music videos with my ideology intact and after wards I might also go for a degree in audio production.

So now you must be thinking okay I have got dreams like anyone else but what have I done to make them come a reality. Well as soon as I completed my Alevels instead of going for a university pursuing my career in engineering or medical like most of the kids would normally do. I went to look for a job. Luckily i got one in a media agency where i worked as a small time graphic designer but in no time got promoted to project manager of the whole designer team.

In my tenure at m interactive I learnt a lot about photoshop and video editing basics even took a short diploma in graphic design and video editing and apart from my office work I set up a studio where me and one of my mate started making hip hop music and since I was learning video editing. I started experimenting in audio mix master and video editing and fortunately it clicked and we got some proper reputation in our city. Organisers started calling us for paid gigs but somehow due to my  nature I started to question my work as I thought its not good enough I need to learn alot more so after 3.5 years of work at M- Interactive ( Media Agency) I started looking for another job at a production house.

Some of the Magazine Covers I’ve worked on while working for M-Interactive

Luckily after a few weeks I got a call from one of  the popular production houses called unicorn black. I was put in to training where I learnt a bit about animation and post production and was offered a job as an assistant editor. Once I started working there within a few weeks I came to realise that I still need to learn alot as my seniors were so  commendable and experienced in their work and for me this was a completely new world of production from the story board to editing to post production renders and vfx and I wanted to learn everything. It was a sea of information and I wanted to learn everything.

One of the music video I worked on.

Since I was so excited and enthusiastic about all of this it wasnt hard for the people around me to see the passion i had for film production. So I was suggested by one my senior colleagues to continue my studies but this time in the field that you love and passionate about. His advice really  looked logical and I instantly started looking for an institute that can help me achieving my idea and came across SAE and because of its reviews and good faculty I applied for the university and now I am here.

Why Brisbane well simple it has this peace calm and serene essence that any artist like me crave for. So this has been a brief blog about my journey. The rest of it will be unveiled with the passage of time.

I have some of my work portfolio mentioned below do check it out!

Freelance Projects :






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