This is the first time, I am writing about myself as I have always find these pages some what addled and boring. This might be one of them but I will try to keep it alluring and amusing for you.

My name is Fahad and I currently got enrolled in SAE Institute for the degree of Bachelors in Film Production. I recently restarted my studies after 5 years as after my high school. I deviated from the path of engineering as I never found it interesting and I did not wanted to be another one of those people blindly following what their family did before them.

I started working in the video editing field for the last 5 years and also started freelancing. So in short my ambition is to become a successful entrepreneur and when it comes to obsession its music. I started rapping and making music back in 2010 being inspired by UK Grime rap which really intrigued me as its a bit different from the mainstream music.

Since I was already working and self taught my self the basics in video edits and VFX and audio production. I managed to make some fascinating music videos which got a lot of appreciation on social media and helped me manage to get some paid gigs and who doesn’t like being paid for their passion.

When it comes to my goals I would like to hone my skills in video editing and may be later on wards learn more about production in audio. Which will help me in my future of being a successful entrepreneur by making my own  music label.

So this is a bit about myself, As I mentioned before I am not used to writing blogs and it may or may not inspire one of you. But I am certain that when it comes to my work it has been an inspiration for a lot of people and I believe in letting my hard work do the talking.



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